Essence – Season of Extremes

111 essence all

Deze nieuwe (Limited Edition) collectie vind ik leuk! Ik houd van felle kleuren. Kijk mee naar deze collectie die nu al een favoriet van mij is!

This new Limited Edition from Essence is called ‘Seasoon of Extremes’. I like the name and the colours! Look to the pictures from this (still my favourite) collection.

– Colour3 nail polish
111 essence n111 essence

111 essencel111essencezo111 Essence 1111 Essence 3

Welke vind jij het leukst? – Which do you like?

– Nail polish

111 Nailpolish 1111 Nail polish 2111 Nailpolish 3111 Nailpolish 4111 Nailpolish 5111 Nailpolish 6111 Nailpolish 7111 Nailpolish 8

De eerste vier kleuren vind ik het leukst. Dan vooral de paarse & de gele. Van de onderste rij vind ik de lila/paarse kleur en de blauwe kleur het mooist. De onderste kleuren vind ik alleen niet zo heel erg “Extreme”. Wat vind jij?

I like the first 4 colours the most. I think the purple and yellow one are great! From the second 4 colours which I think not really “Extreme”, I like the first and the last. Which do you like?

En de namen… / And the names!

Nail polish:
01 – Little miss bright
02 – On the bright side
03 – Pimp my bright
04 – Bright alert!
05 – Nude or what?
06 – The nude the better
07 – Nude rules!
08 – Did someone say nude?

Nail polish colour3
01 – It’s two bright
02 – Brightsmates
03 – We are all bright
04 – Just the nude of us
05 – Team nude
06 – My best nude friends and me


Thanks for your comment! I appreciate & read all of them.

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