3 organizing tips

… Just to keep your room a little more clean (and your mum satisfied).

To be honest, my room is very messy right now. I love a clean room but when I’m tired or lazy I just don’t want to organize things and I just throw everything on the ground and ‘I’ll clean it up next day’. (that doesn’t happen).

But even though my room is a mess, I know how to keep it clean and organized and I usually do it, but sometimes I just don’t because I’m too tired or too busy. I’ll share my tips with you. They really work, I promise your room will stay clean if you follow all 5 tips!

1. When you use something and you’re done, put it back. This literally takes a few seconds but it makes such a difference!

2. Make sure you have a place for everything. When there’s no place for a thing, you can’t put it back because it belongs nowhere. Paperclips and push pins in a small box in your desk drawer, chords and chargers in a box and even the stuff you can’t find a place for (for example some random holiday cards you want to keep), you can make a drawer or a box for that! So you can keep all random stuff together in a not-so-random box.

3. Get rid of the stuff you really don’t need (and actually don’t even want). I know, we’re human and we like to have things, just to have them but when you have 80 nailpolishes in a box under your bed but you don’t wear nailpolish anymore, you better give it to someone who does like it (maybe even as a birthday present if you haven’t used them). That way, you can organize better because you have less things (of course you can keep your favorites). It’s the same with clothes. If you haven’t worn something in a few months, you might as well sell it or give it away.

But how do I know if I really don’t want it anymore? Maybe there will be a time I’ll need it… There may be sometimes you possibly need it, yes. There always are. But you can ask your friends if you can borrow it (back) and it isn’t worth keeping if you only use or wear it once. Second thing, you can put things you think you don’t need (but you’re not sure) in a box and keep it there for a few weeks, maybe a month, and if you haven’t missed the things inside you can either sell it or give it away, because you won’t use it.

I hope you can use my tips! (and I hope I will…). What are your organizing/cleaning tips?


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