What I’ve been up to…

Heyy! Sorry that I haven’t updated by blog lately. I’ve been very, very busy with all end-of-the-schoolyear things and with learning. Right now, I should be learning too, but I felt like redoing my room and reading every single book I have in my house so I thought I’d better just write a blogpost and start learning afterwards (or maybe grab a snack first).

So after I finished all my book reports and other important things that had to be done before the end of the school year and I can (proudly) say that I’m done! Finished. It’s all done and the only thing left to do for me is rocking these finals and we’re ready to celebrate summer! Yay :) But seriously, how fast did this year go?

Two years left and I’m done with school (if everything goes right, then, of course). It’s so weird to realize. I mean, it has been 4 years since I started my ‘pre-university education’ (I had to learn that for English class) and I just don’t understand how. There are so many great things I have done in these years! I travelled so much and met a lot of great people.

I will update you guys soon, maybe with some tips on how to survive your finals…


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