My fashion essentials – S&S 2014

my fashion essentials summer 2014
These are my fashion essentials for this summer! I love to wear loose printed tops (or band merch), just because they’re so comfortable and I like the way they look, with shorts. I wear shorts all the time in summer. Distressed,printed, blue or black: I love them. And for accessoires, bracelets. Rainbow loom bands are my new obsession and I always like to buy souvenir bracelets on holiday. To finish of the outfit boots or gladiator sandals with a (fake) leather jacket!

What are your fashion essentials for this season?


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Summer fashion inspiration

I may visit tumblr & weheartit a little too much, but I just love to scroll through endless pages of inspiration and it helps me with finding things I like. This post is a ‘little’ overview of things I like & my style for this summer.

I really love muscle tee’s for summer! And I really like how the outfit has a lot of black :)


I wanted to give this subject attention on my blog because it really is a big problem. And maybe not all men are like this, but all women experience this. No matter what you wear or what you say, it happens.

It even happens to me, and girls younger than me. I remember several times when I came around a group of boys and they would whistle at me. I just ignored them and nothing happened but it could be worse.

#YesAllWomen because sometimes, when I see a group of boys standing somewhere, I’m afraid of walking  past them. And no, that’s not just some random anxiety. It’s because I know what may happen. Because it happened to others.

It’s not normal that we are told we should ignore it, instead of solving the problem. Or that we just have to accept it and take it as a compliment. We really need to do something about it and I think the Yes All Women hashtag helps with guys realizing that it really happens.


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